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Procurement outside of BC?

Canadian public sector procurement practices are based on three things – case law, legislation and trade agreements.

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Case Law

The significant case law – i.e. those cases that were decided in the Supreme Court of Canada – apply to all procurements throughout the country. Provinces and territories also pay attention to decisions made by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) and those cases heard in other jurisdiction’s supreme courts, as these decisions are often seen as likely outcomes for similar cases in their own jurisdictions.

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Trade Agreements

While there are some trade agreements that are specific to selected provinces /territories (e.g. the New West Partnership Trade Agreement between BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), others apply to all jurisdictions in Canada. This includes domestic trade agreements (i.e. the Canadian Free Trade Agreement) and international trade agreements (e.g. the Canada/EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement). While there may be varying exemptions applicable to each Canadian jurisdiction, these trade agreements obligations are the same across the country.

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Each Canadian jurisdiction has its own legislation that applies to their procurement processes, but most jurisdictions have similar requirements.

While the exact language, dollar thresholds, and approval processes may differ, the principles remain the same across the country.

Meet Liz Bush

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I am a public sector procurement professional. I have over 19 years experience as a BC government employee managing competitive solicitation projects to purchase a wide variety of goods and services for many different public sector clients. I am a known problem-solver, who finds effective solutions to even the most complex procurement problems. I understand the risks involved, and gave my clients options for their projects, based on their needs and risk tolerance.

CV Liz Busch

I was the principal author of the Short-form Request for Proposals (SRFP), a new solicitation model intended to streamline the RFP process for those acquisitions that are in scope. Its structure helps government staff to create effective solicitations that help vendors to understand what is being sought.

I was instrumental to the development of BC Bid Resources, a public website that offers guidance, advice and assistance to both public sector buyers and vendors. Since it’s initial launch in 2015, this site has become a trusted source of information utilized by the BC government, as well as other jurisdictions looking for information that will help inform their own practices. This site includes “how-to” videos, that were recorded during a training session that I wrote and delivered in Vancouver, BC.

From it’s inception in 2012 until I left government, I was on the BC government’s Procurement Community of Practice (PCoP) steering committee, which has grown to over 3500 BC ministry and broader public sector members, as well as some members from the Yukon and Ontario public sectors. The PCoP holds 7-8 webinars a year, all of which are recorded and available for members, as well as annual events, such as the three-day symposium held in the Spring of 2019.

More recently, I was involved in the launch of the Procurement Concierge Program, a new initiative aimed at making it easier for vendors to offer government innovative goods and services, and for government to find innovations that best meet their needs. This Program includes Request for Information which are often associated with Discovery Day Sessions where interested vendors can meet with government representatives before a decision is made on what to buy. The Program also includes a different solicitation model, called the Opportunity Statement Negotiated Request for Proposals (OS NRFP) that streamlines the process to select a lead proponent and plans the contract in detail before signing.

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