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Procurement Policy and Procedures/Guidance Development


Does your organization regularly respond to public sector solicitations, but you have difficulties in predicting whether or not you’ll be successful? Do you have effective procurement policies and guidance for the purchases that your organization makes, and does your staff know how to implement these policies in their day-to-day procurement activities?

If this describes a problem that you’re experiencing, part of the solution may be developing new or editing existing policies and creating practical guidance for your staff involved in procurement processes. This may be specific to how your organization responds to solicitations, and/or how you select and manage the contractors you hire for yourselves.

Liz Busch can help you with this. If you need policies and/or practical guidance on how to apply your polices for staff responding to public sector solicitations, she can use her insider knowledge to help you develop effective processes that can be used by your experienced procurement staff as well as those learning the ropes.

If your own internal procurement policies and practices are outdated, hard to understand, or non-existent, she can assist you to create effective policies and processes that will help ensure that your organization gets the best value-for-money when you purchase the goods and services you need.

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