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Public Sector Procurement Staff Hiring and Mentoring


Experienced public-sector procurement staff can be difficult to find, and are generally in high demand. This means that many government offices either cannot find people to hire with the procurement background needed, or they train their new-hires who then move into new roles within a few years.

This can result in a revolving door, where new people are often hired who require training and mentoring to become effective in their procurement roles. However, there isn’t always experienced staff who have the availability to do this training and mentoring.

Liz Busch can help. She can develop a training and mentoring plan for your new hires, helping them to get the basic understanding they need to become effective procurement professionals, without tying up your busy experienced staff.

Liz can also help with the hiring process. She can provide advice on writing job descriptions, application forms, pre-interview tests, and interview questions. She can participate on your hiring panel if needed, to help you to hire the best candidates for your vacant procurement positions.

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