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Procurement Training

Liz Busch is an experienced procurement facilitator who has developed and delivered many courses and workshops for vendors on public sector procurement.


About the Training

Liz uses her real-life experiences to emphasize what to avoid when responding to a public sector solicitation, and what strategies can work well. She encourages active participation and case studies, giving participants the opportunity to practice learning through hands-on problem solving and practice.

Your ability to be successful in any public sector solicitation process – particularly those that are scored (e.g. Request for Proposals) – often depends on how well your staff know the process and can anticipate how the public sector buyer will evaluate submissions. Liz’s insider knowledge can give you an edge that improves your chances of success.

Courses and workshops range from high-level two-hour overviews, to full two-day hands-on classes. All courses offered are in-person, at either your location anywhere in Canada, or Liz can arrange a suitable space in Victoria, BC.

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