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Procurement Training
Liz Busch is an experienced facilitator who has developed, co-developed and delivered many procurement courses and workshops for public sector buyers.


About the Training

Liz uses her real-life experiences to emphasize the learning, and encourages active participation through case studies, giving participants the opportunity to work their way through common and/or difficult procurement issues.

These courses and workshops can be tailored to address your organization’s particular needs – to help your staff learn how to avoid common procurement problems and when to ask for help. Courses can be geared to new procurement staff, experienced staff, or a mix. Executive overviews are also available, to help your decision-makers understand the risks and rewards of your procurement processes.

Courses and workshops range from high-level two-hour overviews, to full two-day hands-on classes. All courses offered are in-person, at either your location anywhere in Canada, or Liz can arrange a suitable space in Victoria, BC.

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