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Large public sector organizations usually have one or more procurement departments that manage the organization’s procurement policies and offer advice and assistance on how to implement that policy. But what happens to smaller public sector offices, who may not have in-house procurement policy experts?

Smaller government entities often build their procurement policies iteratively, where each policy is built to address situations as they arise. Once these policies are developed and approved, there may be little (or even no) time to periodically review them to see if they are still relevant to the organization’s operations. This can ultimately result in procurement policies that are outdated, don’t comply with the organization’s obligations, and are difficult for staff to interpret for real-life situations.

Liz Busch can help with this. She has spent her career working with government offices that are responsible for procurement policy, and has written practical guidance for public sector procurement practitioners. She was the principal author for the BC Bid Resources website, that offers practical guidance to BC ministry buyers on how to ensure that their procurement practices are compliant with policy. She can work with you to review and update your procurement policies, and to create guidance that will help your staff to consistently apply those policies.

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